SEO Strategy – Building a Personal Brand

One of the latest buzzword expressions in the exciting world of Search Engine Optimization is “Personal Brand”. For all of those business owners and consultants unfamiliar with the meaning of Personal Brand, it is pretty much self explanatory. Developing your own personal brand instead of signing onto a familiar online company brand has numerous recognized benefits and will make you definitely stand out from the crowd.

New clients are always looking for cutting-edge and innovation. With your own independent products and brand, a solid SEO strategy and targeted marketing, your online reputation will be unstoppable and will land you even more customers.

Climbing the Google rankings is much easier for entrepreneurs with a genuine personal brand. They do not get lost in the big melting pot of related namesakes and their uniqueness is more recognizable when participating in social media networking campaigns. Indeed, working the crowd is not only profitable for pop stars, but even the smallest business can expand its horizons drastically by taking advantage of social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Flikr, My Space and Facebook.

If you carry a personal brand, portray yourself in a positive light. As part of your SEO strategy, identify your strengths and capitalize on them. Utilize every media available to you to spread the word about your enterprise and, remember, some of the key social media networking websites are free.

The sooner you make it into the spotlight, the quicker your search engine rankings will improve. If you are uncertain on what to get your personal brand highlighted, continue to read on.


A weblog or blog is a website where events, products, ideas, or thoughts are described and revealed through written content, graphics or videos. Blog websites can be hosted by a company or personal domain and are updated frequently. Signing up with them is a great way to build a strong reputation fast, or to get known in specific industries, which are related to your business. Blogging can strengthen your company, attract customers and, through your profile page, show who you are.

Guest blogging

Having your personal blog may not be enough, even if you update the content regularly and keep it fresh. Posting additional articles on similar and related websites can be even more beneficial. You can expand your audience of readers and enhance your online reputation.


Twitter and blogging are based on similar concepts. While blogs have no set length, text-based Tweet posts cannot display more than 140 characters. Blogs can be read by most everyone, while Tweet followers need to be subscribed to the tweeter’s profile page.

Business networking

LinkedIn and Plaxo are two key business networking sites. They are often used by smart business people to display their professional profile and career history. Through these, and similar sites, old contacts can reconnect and new ones can be found.

Presentation uploads

Workshops, seminars, and conferences are a great way to impress potential business partners and clients. Uploading your presentations on sites, such as SlideShare and Scribd will allow viewers to download and review your speeches and supporting documents. It will also give them a chance to share it with others, which is a great way to continue optimizing you and your company’s name.

Video presentations

Although not much different from seminar speech uploads, video uploads can highlight a variety of life presentations and increase your online exposure, especially if you use targeted headlines, specific keywords and title tags. Most people today are familiar with websites like YouTube and Vimeo, virtual markets where creative and topical videos frequently enjoy viral growth and draw millions of hits.

Whatever strategy you finally decide on, make sure to let the social networking force work for you. Use all venues available online and keep adding to your repertoire as much as you can. Sign up for profile pages on prominent sites such as Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon, and contribute to social media communities any chance you get. The more exposure you have, the quicker your personal brand will become a major hit on all key search engine ranking pages and lift your profit margin to new heights.

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