The Fundamentals Of Website Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to achieve top rankings in the google search engines? Forget all the hype that you need heard on the Internet. Usually, Internet Marketers create hype just so they can sell more of their SEO services. Hype will not help you achieve what you are after. Strong fundamentals will. I am talking about SEO fundamentals. If you acquire strong fundamentals and practice them, you WILL catch top rankings on Google. Here is what you must remember.

1) No spammy link building. – This is the number one rule you should remember. Far too many webmasters are eager for success and when they launch a web site, they give thousands of dollars to acquire thousands of back links in a relatively short space of time. Inconveniently, this is exactly what raises a red flag with the google search engines. If you acquire links too immediately, this appears as unnatural to the google search engines and your site ends up getting penalized. Build your links over a period of time on a regular basis. Don’t catch thousands of links at one go. Give money on SEO but give it over several weeks. You should see much better results if you do so.

2) On-site SEO. – Far too many web site owners focus so much on link building that they forget all about on-site SEO. On-site SEO is simple. Keep your navigation well organized and publish original content that is of high quality. Use keywords in your page titles and meta tags. If you need a huge site, use a sitemap. That will help search bots discover all your pages. Use google search engine friendly URLs and finally, ensure that your web pages load immediately. For instance, if you are using WordPress, don’t install unnecessary plugins that slow down the loading of your site. Pick a reputable web host that offers fast and reliable hosting.

3) Original content only. – This is one fundamental that is usual to overlook. The google search engines are getting more and more particular about quality. They need a full set of webmaster guidelines all in the name of quality. You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that, etc. And you can’t really need a quality site unless much of the content on the site is original. Not only should it be original, it must also offer significant value. You are trying to build authority status for your sites, and having duplicate content will catch you nowhere.

4) Use a custom design. – Not many people know this. The google search engines don’t like duplicate designs. If every site is to look the same, the Internet will be littered with sites that all look somewhat similar. This will contribute to a poor user experience and the google search engines are trying to stop that from happening.

5) Keyword rich domains. – Finally, whenever possible, pick a keyword rich domain name. It’s much easier to catch a keyword rich domain to rank. If possible, it should be an exact match. This is commonly known as EMD – Exact match Domain. So catch an EMD.