How to Optimize Your Site to Get More Traffic

Optimizing your site for search engines is an important step to getting indexed in the search engines which will help you rank higher and get you more traffic. One of the biggest mistakes marketers do is either they don’t optimize their site or the over optimize their site. There is a happy medium that should be reached to gain better optimization.

First of all the worst thing you can do is over optimize your site. Search engines look down on this and consider it as spamming. The more natural your site looks and the easier it is to comprehend by the reader, the better you will do in optimizing your site and looking good to the search engines. The biggest mistake is using too many keywords or having poorly unreadable material on your pages. By using good search engine optimization you will be able to generate more traffic and potentially more sales to your site.

The most important aspect is to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Once you come up with a draft, proof read it, make changes and then do the process over again. A good rule is to edit your content at least three times to get it right. You want your readers to understand what you are trying to convey to them or it won’t get read. Make sure you understand what you are trying to write and maybe get an opinion from someone and get feedback or pointers on the subject and make necessary changes.

Make sure your page titles are relevant and descriptive to your content. Make it simple and it will make it easier for the search engine to find it and people to choose your link to click on. By having a good descriptive title, it helps people scan through the search engine results and decide if your site is relevant to what they are looking for.

Use relevant tags in your link text, titles, descriptions, and keyword and header tags. Make sure you don’t stuff these with keywords. The maximum amount of keywords you should use is around 3 or 4 and they must also be used in your content body. Don’t add extra keywords, this will cause the search engines to see your site as spam.

Make sure your keywords are right, they should be relevant and exact for the information you are trying to get across in your content body. They need to be suitable for the site content to be relevant when a search engine is finding your site. If you stuff keywords that aren’t relevant to the site page, you won’t rank high in the searches.

Use your keywords in the content of your pages. If you are writing around 500 words in your content you should have a maximum of 5 keywords in all of that content, with 2 to 3 in the first 100 words written. It’s very important to not over use keywords as it will look like spamming and could also be unreadable when a real person goes to your site for information. It’s very important to make your content of good quality and readability. You want to strive for quality not quantity, so use your keywords sparingly and in relevant ways. When writing content you want to have at least 200 words with 500 words ideal. If you go over 1000 words then the search engines will stop indexing it.

Remember that even though you are trying to attract the search engines to your site, you are writing your content first and foremost for the human readers. When people visit your site, they are looking for what you have to offer, and so does the search engines. So it needs to be perfectly readable. A reminder is, if you and maybe another person you know understand the content, it is considered readable. Don’t add extra technical terms, since most people don’t pay attention to that anyway. Make your content as friendly and organic as possible.