The Benefits of Sharing SEO Secrets with Clients

“No upfront cost”, “top rankings”, “risk free”, “incredible results” are all catch phrases thousands of SEO service companies use to snatch new clients. They flood the Internet with promises of incredible Search Engine Optimization techniques that will bring their customers fame and unbelievable profits.

Business people buying search services from SEO specialized agencies may indeed get the results they were promised. Search engine crawlers pick up their pages faster, Internet users return more frequently and online sales do increase. They have plenty of reasons to celebrate, yet some of them don’t. They feel their victory is overshadowed, because to maintain this high level of search engine exposure, they will have to continue depending on SEO agencies.

It is a sad reality, but many SEOs will keep their strategies and techniques under wraps and will not empower their clients with proprietary knowledge and skills that will allow them to become independent and search marketing savvy. What these seasoned SEO technicians fail to understand is that by denying their clientele SEO planning and implementation expertise, they may actually be missing out on the opportunity of closely working with strategic business partners.

What is in a secret?

SEO agencies believe they are solely responsible for their client’s search engine optimization needs. They are also convinced that if they reveal their strategies,

– Their clients will no longer need their Visit Shout SEO Services to find out more.
– Their tactics may be disclosed to their competition

Unlike what many SEO consultants believe, clients have the right to know what changes are being made to their website. The site belongs to them and every strategy that was implemented should be reported and explained.

Clients also have the right to know what they are paying for. This not only holds the SEO agents responsible to deliver what they promised, but it also provides the clients with a history they can reflect back on.

The advantages of sharing SEO knowledge

The Internet is an active entity and changes occur almost daily. Transferring knowledge and providing clients with valuable on-site SEO training will bring the providers and their clients closer together. They can learn from each other, share practical insights on advanced SEO tactics and exchange information when search engine marketing strategies or industry trends change.

It is a misconception that sharing information also means revealing all trade secrets and proprietary technology. Forward-thinking agencies have long understood that, despite strategic planning and tool sharing, they can still maintain their clientele. By offering in-house training sessions and keeping their clients advised on the latest hit generating strategies, SEO’s can keep their customers satisfied, loyal and coming back for more.

Keeping up with technology

An effective SEO campaign has to take all current SEO components such as keywords, link building, SEO friendly HTML, or site structure into account, as well as those strategies still being developed. To keep up with new optimization techniques, Web analytics tools are expanding, constantly growing more complicated and sophisticated. As a consequence, they are becoming more difficult to comprehend and only skilled SEO experts can fully understand and use them. This knowledge can be used to offer continued search training, a service probably greatly appreciated by their clients.

Knowledge-transfer partnerships

Clients who are eager for success recognize great opportunities that can help them reach their objectives. They also understand that online marketing strategies have become so extensive that basic SEO knowledge no longer is sufficient to consistently attract search engine bots. They need more professional know-how and consulting from capable agencies, people who keep their hands in the field night and day. In that case, who else would they go to, than the team that trained them in SEO procedures in the first place? These clients trust their SEO specialists, because they know that guidance services will be extended throughout their partnership. They can count on updates whenever content development, optimization and promotion techniques evolve, or when revolutionary technical progress has been announced.

In conclusion

SEO service agencies who share knowledge with their clients will create long-term strategic partnerships. Information can be exchanged both ways, bringing extended benefits and success to both the initial SEO provider, as well as their client.